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Recommend two Cartier Haute Joaillerie watches bracelet wrist watch

Both as being decorative bracelet can also be used as a watch to wear toaddress a woman wearing the bracelet and watch selection problems, beautyand time together, Xiao bian recommended below two Cartier bracelet watchesyou should not miss!

replica cartier love bracelets

This is a bracelet? Or a watch? Jewelry and timepieces shuanghua combinationof, on the one hand, diamond set openwork motifs into a mesh modeling,embedded in bright, eye-catching Beryl around, highlights the bracelet atthe end of the Crystal on the other, it is a small watch, surrounded bysparkling diamonds. Jewellery and watchmaking complement each other, greenandwhite cross, instant and eternity, releasing a psychedelic light incountless.
Highjewelry hours watch basic parameters
Carry Cartier 058quartz movement, rhodium-plated 18K k White Gold case andbracelet set with Beryl and 773 brilliant cut round diamond. Rhodium plated18K k gold White Dial, with 295 round brilliant cut diamond. Rhodium 18Kwhite kgold-plated Sword-shaped hands. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m/100ft) and unique treasures.
replica cartier watches
Look what it‘s? Seeing this piece, we are not curious about this Leopard‘severy move. Lovely Leopard Cub, leisurely climbs in the miniature on thedial of the watch. The animals full of charm with presenting the engravingform, its exquisite workmanship is breathtaking. Formed by the squarecutdiamond set bracelets by its rounded, lithe body wrapped, this traditionalgeometry added a bit of witty movement.
Basic parameters of advanced Cheetah decorative displays of jewelry watches
Carry Cartier type 101 handwound mechanical movement, rhodium-plated 18K kWhite Gold case and bracelet, with 68 trapezoid cut diamonds and 664 roundbrilliant cut diamond. Leopard eye inlays, 2 emeralds, Onyx Panther nose.Translucent lacquered Silver Dial with radiation effects swirl marks.Rhodium-plated stainlesssteel Sword-shaped hands.

Launch of Bulgari Roma 40 anniversary series watches

bvlgari watches

Bulgari Roma was born in 1975, in a world like that era of rapid change andbecome brand classics unbroken for decades, core value remains the same: to move with the times and modern style. Bulgari Roma launched mammoth seriesnew models this year and celebrate the 40 anniversary of legendary watches:includes full of memorable Bulgari Roma Finissimo, Bulgari Roma TourbillonFinissimo, Bulgari Bulgari Solotempo, and Bulgari Roma Tubogas watches, In the most magnificent posture of a plethora of Bulgari Watchmaking as an important part of the history.

In 1975, create Bulgari Bulgari Roma watches had gone 40 years ago. Timesince 1975born generations regardless of power and influence, charisma andcareer achievements at the end of the peak of maturity. After the age of40, each man is responsible for his looks. Leonardo da Vinci once said. Thegreat Italy genius thinks confidence is usually associated with a certainmaturity and tact.


Bulgari Roma representative was the birthplace of watchmaking trend ofturning point. Sotirio Boulgaris created top jewelry brand Bulgari in Romein 1884, to contemporary aesthetics, elegance, innovation, unique colorfuldesign worldwide. This watch is specially designed Limited Edition, onlygrant hundreds of important customers, but also to pay tribute to the beautyand power of Rome. Bulgari Watchmaking profession had not yet been well-received but brand first Watch launched as early as 1920, in 1940 to becomemore general merchandise in the lineup.


Subverting the rules


The Bulgari watch Roma before has become increasingly popular for,established rules for Bulgari‘s bold challenge at top, launched in 1993, adesign minimalist and elegant watches, but innovation combined withcomposite material in gold casing, bringing revolutionary style. In order topromote desire, stimulate imagination, must have a surprise performance.Bulgari watch makers as a starting point, ready to offer another excitingsurprises: carrying technology of mechanical movements and cutout worksafter this watch was launched in 1996, he received many professional watchconnoisseurs and well-known critic of favor and highly appreciated. Then, in1997, Bulgari Bulgari watch surface, 20 anniversary of Bulgari veneeringanniversary number issued a new launch sales event which then causeddifficult to get a table. These watches looks like it has a modern style ofdesign, watch collectors over the years to put it down, keep feeling waslove at first sight.


Exterior style has acquired classic status, in 2010, to series of BulgariBulgari Watchmaking peak. In 2001, the introduction of chronograph serieswill inject a campaign style. In 2004, the Tourbillon watches launch was promoted by Bulgari Haute Horlogerie brand as well.


The power of imagination


Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari strongly felt the series in terms of style andtechnology, indicates infinite potential, with its iconic designs and theuse of imagination, Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari family the forming of itsimportant members of the absolute position. 2013 Bvlgari for this serieswere facelifted, roll out more new works, including new material casing andmade automatic movement Solotempo. Along with the top Limited Edition works,Bulgari Roma sign interpretation.


This series is this stunning, stunning and impressive 40year brillianthistory. Few watches can stand in the currents of history, with the times,to stay as new. Reflect the trend, fashion, while still did not forgetcreativity, architecture and design of the party. Bulgari proves once againthe substance of, and the appearance is actual manifestations of intangibleessence. One step at a time, just watch the birth process.


40 years of history has a chance: Bulgari Roma Finissimo ultra thin watch


Represents opportunity, composed of 40 years of history and a brand newstart. To celebrate the anniversary of this great and growing over the past40 years along the way, Bulgari Bulgari family will launch Finissimo ultra-thin handwound mechanical movement, ultra thin Tourbillon and moreunexpected new face.


Further details will come from three Bulgari Roma Finissimo ultrathin wristwatches 40 anniversary of the most classic face Golden styles started tosay. This watch to pay tribute to legend marks was born in 1975, return to the original mark. Bulgari watch of low-key rich choreography design andcarry Bulgari boasts homemade thin handwound mechanical movement. 41 mm atthe 7 o’clock position on the dial, added a small seconds disc,approximately 65 hours powerreserve through the surface of a transparentcaseback glance. BVL 128 ultra-thin handwound movement thickness of only2.23mm, so the total thickness but of the entire watch 5.15 mm. Bulgarigained new technological challenges. 26 jewels, frequency of 28,800 times anhour (4 Hz), the movement itself with the many fine inlaid craftsmanship and the beauty of decorative elements, such as Circle line, chamfer, and Genevawaves.


Bulgari Roma Finissimo ultra-thin watch 40year anniversary Limited Editionwith black alligator leather strap: first gold Bulgari watch Roma imprintwas inherited by the shell, limited edition of 100 worldwide; there is rosegold case with Opal face plate, stainlesssteel case with a black lacquereddial.


The perfect combination of unique


Bulgari Roma Finissimo ultra thin Tourbillon watches


In addition, Bvlgari Watches to highly complex function to commemorate thisspecial moment of glory. Bulgari Roma series will be new Finissimo ultrathin Tourbillon watch the incredible thickness of shake table altar, usingtwo of the most sophisticated and complex technology: ultra thin movementwith Tourbillon, show and unparalleled craftsmanship of perfect crystal.This rotating frame carrying the escapement and balance wheel in order tooffset the gravity disturbances on the balance, and balance wheel ofisochronous. Take this way to enable the movement to reach the most accuratetiming.


BVL 268 Finissimo ultra thin Tourbillon only handwound mechanical movementthickness 1.95mm, broke the world record, becoming the first flyingTourbillon that are not equipped with bridge plate. Bulgari according toinherit the century-old technology, brand made ultra thin movement rippleround texture and Geneva on the most exquisite decoration, together with a52hour power reserve and movement frequency 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz).Rose gold case the thickness of only 5.40mm, ND 41mm. Bezel inlaid total 44brilliantcut diamonds, weighing about 2.5 carats. Inlaid Black ceramic RoseGold Crown title rings, paint with black dial and black alligator leatherstrap gorgeous echo.


And Bulgari to join hands in meeting the celebrated moments


Bulgari Bulgari Solotempo automatic watch


For this glorious moment of a Bulgari finale appeared in 2015, the thirdmajor innovation breakthroughs, Bulgari Bulgari 39mm ND turn on a very richand diverse new attitude. Style is displayed. Bulgari Bulgari Solotempowatch automatically launch a range of different styles of styles: rose goldcase with black crocodile leather strap, stainless steel case Brownalligator leather strap or stainlesssteel chain belt, gold and stainlesssteel two-tone case wear it with material the same chains, or all gold. AllBulgari watches are equipped with high efficiency of self-made BVL 191Solotempo self-winding movement, number of jewels, 26, 42 hour powerreserve, 28,800 times an hour (4 Hz) oscillation frequency of driving thisbeauty of a calm and elegant watches.


Bulgari Bulgari Tubogas wristwatch Roma Memorial


However, in wonderful peerless, and face rich diverse of new Bulgari Bulgari classic series table paragraph zhiwai, Bulgari also for female official launched has precious gorgeous of new Bulgari Bulgari Tubogas wrist table Roma Memorial paragraph, table circle Shang engraved has full charm of Bulgari Roma words, and to Tubogas rose gold and fine steel double color refining with phase lining, table diameter for exquisite of 26mm, not only for day of various occasions, its fashion, and Elegant design matches Brownsparkle on the face plate diamond hour markers at night can also blossom asfine jewelry-like luxury and extravagance. Like a sumptuous visual feast.This elegant precious watches the world‘s limited edition only 1,975, homageto Bulgari Roma‘s year of birth, adding its precious rarity, behind eachwatches and engraved with Limited Edition/1 out of 1975 limited editionnumber.

replica Cartier watches best seller of the year perpetual calendar Watch recommended

replica Cartier watches, through reform, be incorporated into new 1904-CH MC-workshops in refined movements. This brand-new automatic mechanical chronograph movement contains a number of important technical innovations, to substantially raise the precision and performance.

replica cartier watches

Replica Rotonde de Cartier perpetual calendar Chronograph, white kgoldwrist watch has another important innovation is that of a flexible linearzero operating lever during the zeroing operation can reduce the burden onthe pointer shaft. Today, it is essential that you use for measuring shorttime intervals of clock works with flawless precision, so Cartierlaxiadefang (La Chaux-de-Fonds) workshop, select master uses the latestgeneration of vertical clutch to ensure timing pointer does not beat at thestart and timed operation will not hinder the movement running.

Replica Cartier watches you the dual time zone watches

Replica Cartier watches blue balloons reading by two independent Blue outside thetime indicated by the clock, the majestic atmosphere of this timepiece isamazing. Inspired by a Pocket Watch, its exquisitely shaped design as if acertain magic, people unconsciously ignore case diameter 46 mm, turns hisattention to a perfect fit wrist watch case curves.

Replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier double jumping needles Tourbillon dual time zonewatches alligator leather strap, rose k White k gold gold watches andwatches the world‘s limited 50 pieces, enough to make rare masterpieces,travelloving and sophisticated mechanical watch enthusiast Hots.

replica cartier watches

Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier blue balloon double jumping needlesTourbillon dual time zone watch Palm, the Cartier workshops refined handwound mechanical movement (9456 MC) adjusted by floating the Tourbillon,whose design was inspired by the Cartier brand initials c shape, dual time zone timehopping devices in order to connect Tourbillon‘s frame slightlyelevated.


Cartier blue balloon that movement with individually numbered and carefullyelaborate symmetrical structure. Through uncompromising attention to detaildial, you can enjoy exquisite jump mechanism, that allows two jumps that can be separately adjusted clockwise completely to indicate time synchronizationinformation.

Biennial exhibition of Cartier in Paris launched a new “Royal” series jewelry

cartier jewelry

Cartier Royal Royal Pearl

September 11, Cartier jewelry brands of the 27th session of the Parisbiennial antiques show, proud of the gem world, with exquisite jewelry andcraft.

On this occasion, Cartier will provide unrivalled top jewelry seriesunveiled,–Cartier presents new series Royal Collection: baiyujian dazzlethe magnificent witness brand stone consistent with enthusiasm. Top of theillustrious extraordinary jewelry under the precious gem ornament, eternalfantasy of light and shadow color frames.

Cartier brand has long been handpicked gems witnessed the enthusiasm, butalso showcase the brand‘s brilliance in the top jewelry making.

cartier jewelry

Royal Pearl Royal blood flowing pearls

Cartier, on display at the 27th Paris Biennale of this Royal Pearl belongs to Super Pearl. This Pearl of the conjecture for the Persian Gulf, it 166.18grains (8.3 grams) weight of staggering dimensions (21.82 mm x 17.6 x 16.4mm), perfect water drop shape and greenish Sheen became one of the mostbeautiful pearls.

Its people, at the beginning of the 1970 ‘s, Cartier as Elizabeth Taylor(Elizabeth Taylor) mounted on a necklace, antique pearl Peregrina. But thisRoyal Pearl does not need to rely on his Royal identity, can be loaded onlyon the quality of the annals.


And how less colorful had a wonderful story of contrast? Terk Mali·Adelaideof Cambridge, and Princess Mary, daughter of Duke Francis, was born in 1867at Kensington Palace, 26, married to the Prince of Wales, later King EdwardVII), Victoria, the son of Lady Wang Zhisun, George, Duke of York.


In 1910, George succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, knownas King George v, Mary becomes Queen of England and India Queen. The QueenMary was nicknamed by friends and family May not only bring extremely good,also have an affinity to history, is her husband‘s solid backing and mentor.Tastes good is the Queen of absurdities, and collected many stunningtreasures, but she is how to find the rare Pearl is unclear. Later, herpearls daughter Princess Mary (born 1897, sister of Edward VIII, and GeorgeVI).


As can be seen from the numerous photographs, often wearing the PearlPrincess. Earl of Harewood, son of qiaozhi·lasaiersi the Princess andmarriage inherited from her mother‘s wife Patricia Pearl gift. Patricia wasthe last with this Pearl of members of the Royal family.


This rare Pearl has a connoisseur‘s dream qualities: extraordinary originsand the official certification of peerless beauty. There is the hand of timebrushing but without loss of luster.
cartier jewelry
Still popular among Pearl: unique jewelry sets of accessories on thecrowning touch
Rely on Cartier‘s craftsmanship, which retained the original Royal Pearlinlay match the original diamond, now became the crowning touch of aremovable jewelry: with delicate removal device, diamond match in an instantinto a Crown of pearls collar necklace.
Match a pair of teardrop-shaped natural pearl earrings. So perfectly match a pair of natural Pearl, even in Cartier‘s opinion is a rare surprise. Itssize and weight (77.44 grains and 72.16) rarely presents great rule ofteardrop-shaped, gives off a flawless natural luster, with impeccable warmcolors, is worthy of the delicacy in the Pearl. Crowns on each pearlearrings with diamond inlaid brick hanger CAP, Royal Pearl Necklace matchingswirl diamond ornament and three natural pearls, two ECHO, a magnificent setof jewels was born.
The wonders of Flash, pure perfect like a wonderland of treasures. FromIndia, the Persian Gulf, and even Japan merchant ships at sea and the Red Sea ‘ well-to-do just to obtain this precious than gold Pearl
Long ago, Pearl has become a legendary source of inspiration,
Regarded as most desirable of this legendary treasure.

Cartier launched a new Cheetah jewelry

2014 brand new Cheetah jewelry Cartier jewelry series, presents the newCheetah theme designs. Whether necklace or ring, even all the bracelets and other jewelry have joined elements of the Cheetah, Cheetah presenceeverywhere. Not only can see the designers for skillful grasp of designelements, craftsmen‘s good intentions, can still see Cartier jewellery andambitious, with Cheetah showing its power, will lead us to the lavish Palaceof the King.

Hieroglyphic patterns, geometric shapes, lively, beautiful, wild, sexy,fierce, and dynamic. Cheetah wild and colorful, stunning bright, show off abold and imaginative, refined and complex style of jewelry. 56 works perfectCheetah scattering the contemporary inspirations.

Op art style honeycomb shape. Cheetah‘s body and tail disappear, onlydiamond and Onyx spotted form of jewelry design, decorated with tribalstylebracelet.

Jewelry making is highly skilled, Cartier Totem beasts draw infinite ideas.

cartier necklace


Cartier Cheetah feral, stubborn rebellion.

Lock jaw, sleek, very fierce: she gnawed, and looked sharp, straight ahead,beautifully spread out gold pendant drop.

Grace and shapely

Cheetahs stretched body, tall and elegant. Ring around a finger, fittingbrass knuckles, sending Glam and chic air. 18K component, material or GoldDiamond and Onyx spotted body, styling flawless, clear bodymusclestructure.

cartier ring

Cartier new series of LOVE jewelry

This year, the Cartier promotion ideas, injected new vitality into the LOVEseries. New design of double ring gives deeperbodied essence of love LOVEseries, elegant pink or blue wire will LOVE series love beauty revealed,lavish colored gemstones is the gorgeous singing of love.


cartier jewelry

All jewelry brands are mostly connected with love jewelry collection iscoming out, one of the most popular and popular are jewellery Cartier LOVEseries. New summer of LOVE series bracelet, as always, tells a love story.The new blue summer limited edition bracelets in the world LOVE, LOVE ofpink summer bracelet Limited Edition for China.

cartier love rings

cartier love bracelets

LOVE colored gemstone series full true color of love, such as selection ofshades of blue and purple, delicate quality gems embedded in bracelets andrings, elegant gem brilliant unplanned, constantly blinking light. Charm ofcolourful gems like Lantra life colorful screen, lightly dot between clearPlatinum.

cartier Earrings

Earrings cartier

Cartier for a new LOVEring enduring series gives a beautiful symbol: eithera necklace, bracelet, earrings still, love of beauty and warmth in a handdouble ring of sincerity. Promise of love incarnate tight double loop, such as the exquisite punctuation, embedded in the lovers whispered.

cartier necklace

replica cartier love necklace

cartier necklace replica

Black high-tech fine ceramics and dazzling diamonds and sparkling rose goldblend, brilliant Sheen echoed understated matte finish, light and darkcontrast, deep well temperament go out and sparkling diamonds and white goldagainst each other, double-ring enduring series shine reinvention, exudesatmosphere.

Jewelry emperor – cartier

luxury Cartier jewelry

Fashion Centennial, Cartier jewelry emperor with its unique essence of Royalblood tolerance, luxury, art, in the era of circulation between the engravedwriting legend. Today, Cartier’s inexhaustible passion for jewelry creationand pursuit did not stop. Nature, myth, all the other fun things thanks toCartier, seek inspiration, beautiful treasures among the masterpieces,turned into the wonderful art of Irene. This time, Cartier brought more than200 pieces of lump sum of more than 2 billion yuan of new high jewelleryperfect to Shanghai, devoted to women proudly, enduring legends of tomorrow.
Selection of rare gems, the most pristine part of the Cartier throughskillfully spiritual thinking, designed specifically for Asian women,created a number of Chinese luxury treasure. Different works, these perspective, transfer the females matured opinions of luxuryand beauty; chic jewelry design, colored stones have brilliantembellishment, in simple fashion implies Asian women with refinement andgood taste. Their confidence stems from the heart and the beautiful Irene inthe wake of jewelry, in a slightly veiled opens new fashion!
In addition, a Cartier Emerald rings is bearing in mind the history of Myanmar. This ring is inspired in the 1930 of the 20th century, Cartier forUnited States famous women, heir to the Woolworth chain babala•hedun created emerald ring, but had new mosaic, a rare rare 71.57carats of Super emeralds, than its former more shocking and amazing! Anancient emerald ring, with this special design for Asian jade collection ofEmerald jewelry with Irene, Cartier jewelry and jade materials selection ofwell-attended looms!